Tonight was dinner at Balaboosta. Owners of Taim this is their first full menu place. Taim has amazing falafel served from the tiniest little place ever.

Across town a bit is Balaboosta. It’s a lovely spot, a nice bar as you enter and cozy dining area. The food was amazing. Lots of house made action, which is the lucky theme of the week: pickles, fresh cheese, and noodles. Spectacular.

I had house made noodles with mint, fava beans, and little baby black olives. The person I ate with had chicken and Israeli couscous. Both were so well executed.

We started with fresh cheese served with a fried squash blossom and roasted garlic, fried cauliflower (most under used vegetable ever), and pickles! So great.

As giod as the food was the conversation, talking about food events! Was a great evening!

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