Fatty Que

Last night we went to Fatty Cue, a new-ish venture by the prople that bring us the always amazing Fatty Crab. Cue is an asian bbq place. The menu is pretty incredible but the only dishes worth mentioning are the meat. My mom got chicken with garlic/ginger/nut/sweet/spicy sauce. The waiter set it down and said this is the juiciest chicken in Brooklyn. He was right. It might be the juiciest, smokiest chicken ever. It tasted like someone pumped it with bacon fat. Amazing. We also got lamb shoulder with a creamy cumin sauce and house made pita proving once again everything is better when it’s house made. Each part of this dish was spectacular!

The 2 appetizers were not awesome. Not even close. There was a cucumber salad and the cucmbers were really old and cut in huge chunks. And then this eggplant dip which pretty much had no flavor.

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