Tuesday Field Trip: My Kitchen

Life has of late kept me out of the kitchen. However Monday’s gray, cool weather got me thinking about cooking again. I have a freezer full of Riverplains beef to use and was researching a party I’m cooking for in a few weeks. I flipped to the index of The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook to see what they had under beef. Chile con Carne jumped out at me. It seemed the perfect pot of goodness to make for the week. It took a while, there are many steps and 2 hours of cooking but definitely worth it. There were smoky, grassy, and fiery flavors all together. The recipe called for bacon (so I used Benton’s of course), and broiled onions and lots of dried peppers. I ate it over a bed of collard greens and scallions flash cooked in some olive oil.

One Response to “Tuesday Field Trip: My Kitchen”

  1. lauren ray wagner Says:

    This sounds amazing. I, too, have been trying to find the perfect use for my RiverPlains beef. I would love to try this method sometime! Thanks for passing along.