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Just Ripe Gets Kickstarted!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Exciting news from the Just Ripe team! Another great food place is opening in Knoxville. See below. Support these local ladies!


Saturday, January 15 · 7:00pm – 10:30pm

at John Black Photography (our wonderful neighbors!)

501 Union Avenue, at the corner of Union & Walnut in the Daylight Building

Taste food by Just Ripe while enjoying the music of some fantastic local musicians. Bid on local art by some of Knoxville’s finest artists, gift certificates from local businesses and more in our silent auction. Learn about what we have in store right next door, and take a peek at the construction progress through our huge windows. We look forward to sharing our project with you!

Live performances by Jennifer Nicely | Earl | Bruce Nemerov | Jill Adam & Elodie | Ferd Moyse | and more!

Delicious snacks from Just Ripe and tastings from the Old City’s Blue Slip Winery.

A silent auction full of goodies begins at 7 pm and ends at 10 pm.

Learn about our Kickstarter Funding Campaign. We’ll have a short video and information about this innovative funding opportunity. And you’ll get a little update on our construction progress.

Come meet all the members of Just Ripe for an enjoyable evening and support our new storefront! This event is free. And just by showing up, you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $50 Just Ripe gift certificate. There will be opportunities to support our project through the silent auction, donation jars, and through the Kickstarter Funding platform if you so choose. Just Ripe is a worker-owned cooperative organized as an LLC. Any contributions to our project are not tax-deductible.

We hope to see you there!

Kristen Faerber, Charlotte Tolley, Jill Christmas, Liz Moniz, & Amanda Benson
co-owners of Just Ripe

Olive Oil Tasting!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Olive Oil Tasting
Monday January 24
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Public House

Join UT Organic & Sustainable Crop Production Program, Slow Food, and Mockingbird Events for an evening with Lorenzo Caponetti a farmer and extra virgin olive oil producer from Tuscania, Italy. Monday January 24 at the Public House from 6:00-8:00. Using innovative farming practices Lorenzo and his family produces a world renowned olive oil. We will taste this oil with two other olive oils, olives, and bread. The tasting platter will be sold per platter. There is no admission fee. There will also be suggested wines.


Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

This is the first of a new feature here at the Mockingbird Blog! One of the thing that interests me about food is, well, all the interesting people doing interesting things with food both at home and in business. Over the next few months Mockingbird will send questions to different food people for different reasons.

This week we kick off with 622-EATS. They are one of the new businesses from last year that partially inspired this feature. They are an umbrella delivery service for 35 Knoxville restaurants. It’s a great service that exists in other cities and now it is in Knoxville! Thanks to Mandy and the 622-EATS crew.

Business: 622-EATS
Time in Business: 1 Year
Location: Old North Knoxville

(Start/Inspiration)- We moved to Knoxville 7 years ago for David to work on his Master’s at UT. Between his graduate work and Mandy’s full-time job, it wasn’t long before we began to rely on food delivery for dinner. The problem was, the only choice was pizza. David was always talking about Boone Take-Out from his undergraduate days at Appalachian State. Fast-forward to two years ago when Elsie was born and we decided that spending our days together as a family was important. David came back to the lack of an RDS (restaurant delivery service) in Knoxville and we started to put the whole thing together. So far we have found that much of Knoxville has responded well to our idea!

(How it works)- Very simple really – Customers either go on our website for a user-friendly online ordering experience (, or you can call 622-EATS(3287) and place your order with one of our customer service reps just like you would if calling to order a pizza. All the menus are available online and we also have a newspaper menu we can bring you. After you place your order with us we then place the order with the restaurant and send a driver to pick it up and deliver it to you. All the drivers are equipped with hot boxes, pizza bags, GPS systems and cell phones. Delivery usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour!

(Best Meal)- No contest! David ordered Cupcakes from Magpies for my birthday! I don’t know if cupcakes are a meal, but…

(Dream Restaurant)- There are so many types of restaurants in Knoxville, every restaurant brings with it new customers so to that respect, they are all dreamy. Our most popular requests from customers are Sitar, Taste of Thai, Tomato Head, Calhoun’s, Sun Spot, and Senor Taco! The restaurants need to know they are in demand among the delivery crowd, and we really appreciate our customers who mention us when dining in!

(Funniest Story)- No funny business! People are pretty serious about their food, especially in Knoxville! Of course we get the folks partying at home, they can be silly, but we are happy to do our part to keep them off the roads!

Full Moon Farm to Table

Monday, January 10th, 2011

On this snowy morn it is nice to sit and look back at these beautiful pictures from Bruce Cole of the Full Moon Farm to Table back in October. As January sets in and Mockingbird plans for the year we are excited about creating more events!

Tables and visual design by Blooming Earth Flowers

Tables from Blooming Earth Flowers


Jennifer cooking on the old cook stove

Favorite Knoxville Foodiness 2010

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Knoxville and it’s food continues to inspire us all. It’s been a great year for food in Knoxville. We are blessed with an abundance of amazing producers. Here’s my top list from the year. In no particular order.

The Market Square Farmer’s Market Chef Challenges:
These events happened 1 Saturday a month throughout the Farmer’s Market season and were sponsored by Three Rivers Co-op. It was Iron Chef style, 2 local chefs would be given 5 staples and a certain amount of dollars to spend on market items. They had 1 hour to cook and the lunch for 2 was raffled off. Their creations were judged by a panel of judges. The challenges exposed market goers to local chefs and the local chefs exposed market goers to new ways to use market ingredients.

I used to work with Charlie at AC Entertainment. About a year ago he started this awesome food blog. He has great pictures and really well written commentary. It is one of my favorite blogs to check out. Charlie travels and tries interesting places with a great perspective. Check it out.

Biscuit Festival:
I did not get to attend Biscuit Festival because of Bonnaroo, but I was involved in some of the early planning. I’m pro any event that celebrates a staple of the south that has roots and interpretations in almost every country on this planet.

Dinner at Blackberry:
In September we took my sister-in-law to Blackberry Farm for dinner. Chef Joseph Lenn honored us with his tasting menu and a few surprises thrown in. We drank an amazing Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, had the awesome Bernheim Wheat Whiskey for the first time, and of course experienced food ecstasy.

Riverplains spelt, beef, yogurt, and lamb:
Partnering with the Niceleys from Riverplains has exposed me to flavors and food I’ve never had before. The spelt crackers are a totally new thing for me. Their beef made me eat more than hamburgers again and Jennifer’s yogurt was a true pleasure.

Avanti Savoia:
This is an amazing find located in Halls. I did a blog post about it when I first went there. I went there before Christmas to do a little shopping and ended up with so many amazing goodies. Strega candies, pastas, tuna antipastos, and hazelnut chocolates. Go visit if you haven’t been. It is such a fun field trip!

Finally, and this one is purely subjective, but it required a lot of hard work, sweat and even some tears so I’m including it here and that’s the opening of the Public House. We have a long ways to go but made a good start. I can’t wait to tweak the menu, change up the wine list, and add in cocktails and infusions. There’s tons of room for us to grow and hopefully, grow we will!

What were some of your favorite food happenings in Knoxville in 2010?

Holiday Reflections

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Today I’ve been at Mockingbird sub-HQ (now that I have an office!) catching up on email, bills, dishes, and cleaning. Post-holiday cleaning is always more satisfying then Spring cleaning! I found 15 different kinds of tea in one of my kitchen cabinets. I don’t even drink tea.

In between cleaning, I’ve been working on my computer from the couch and was just sitting staring at our Christmas tree. It was a truly great holiday for Mockingbird. Beginning with our First Friday open house at the new office, we had sausage balls, champagne with bitters, and beer from Downtown Bar and Grill. Manhattans and Martinis at Regas before it closed with Nathanna design on Mr. Mockingbird’s birthday as that Knoxville institution ended it’s 91 year run. Christmas Eve at the Public House which included jars of jellies and chutneys dropped off by a friend; the most Magpie’s cupcakes I’ve ever seen in one place from the lovely Magpie’s ladies; and listening to rocking Christmas jamz with old and new friends, old and new family on that Christmas Eve at the Public House. The next day was Christmas dinner cooked for new family and old friends coming by the house to help eat some of that 16lb turkey, roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, and oyster dressing.

Finally our family tradition of being in Aspen for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. This is a 20 year old tradition and we somehow managed to eat at almost all new restaurants. I enjoyed oysters and bone marrow at the same time twice! Mr. Mockingbird saw real snow for the first time and skied. We ate Nepalese Tikka Masala after snow shoeing to the Pine Creek Cookhouse.  I cooked a very low key New Year’s Eve dinner, pulling from lovely local and fresh items from the Butcher Block, my favorite shop in Aspen. The highlight was Colorado Smoked Trout. Buttery and sweet and trouty!

Now onto 2011 and all that it will hold!

Post Holiday dinner

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Just home. So excited for a lovely home dinner: roast brussel sprouts, collards with carrots, black eyed peas (happy new year!!), roast chicken! Hurray.