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Avanti Savoia Menu

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Here’s the full menu. This is going to be one of the tastiest evenings at the Public House on record!

March 21
Serving from 4 – 10
At The Public House
No admission, items will be priced per serving

Avanti Savoia / Tasting Menu
all items available for purchase on their website or at Avanti Savoia / 7610 Maynardville Pike

White Truffle Popcorn / $2.25

The classic bar food modernized with white truffle salt

Low Country Garden Tomato Gazpacho

Packed with delicious herbs and a big tomato punch. Served chilled, non-alcoholic.

Low Country Garden Tomato Gazpacho Spiked
Spike it. Gazpacho with El Jimador Tequila and a slice of lime.

Lowcountry Okra, Garlic, Sweet Pickles, Dilly Beans

Lowcountry products are regional Southern delicacies from the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. All handmade and handpacked using only all-natural ingredients.

Lowcountry Artichoke relish, Red Tomoato Chow Chow, Corn Relish

Lowcountry products are regional Southern delicacies from the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. All handmade and handpacked using only all-natural ingredients.

Green Calabrese Olives

Cinquina Green Calabrese Olives are made from the Carolea variety of olives. These firm little green olives deliver big olive taste.

Olive Medley
Whole Marinated Mixed Olives, green and black pitted olives in a lovely herb infused brine solution. The perfect snack or addition to any salad, enjoy straight from the jar.

Oven Roasted Black Olives
Oven roasted large ripe black olives, pitted, cured in sea salt for a minimum of 10 days then rinsed with wine vinegar and roasted

ANTIPASTO / served with bread
Galfre Tuna with assorted Mushrooms

Tuna with Porcini mushrooms and several other varieties of Italian mushrooms blended with olive oil, wine vinegar, tomatoes and other flavors to create a quick authentic Italian snack. Great with red wine or beer.

Galfre Artichokes with Tuna
Tuna and artichokes blended with olive oil, wine vinegar, tomatoes and other flavors to create a quick authentic Italian snack. Great with red wine or beer.

Your choice meat or cheese with special pairings
Served with bread

Benton’s prosciutto + Lowcountry Sweet Pickles

Allan Benton’s 17-month-old country ham. This smoky and salty domestic prosciutto is cured in Allan’s smoke house in Madisonville, TN.

The sweet pickles balance the rich saltiness of the prosciutto.

Salame Rosa + Lowcountry Pickled Garlic with Jalapenos
Cooked and coarsely chopped pork shoulder is mildly smoked and has tasty additions of coriander, white pepper, mace, and pistachios. Similar to Italian Mortadella and made from grass fed free range pork.

The pickled garlic and jalapenos will give the mild Salame Rosa a kick!

Columbus Felino + warm Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce with Chili
A hard salami with a 75/25 pork to fat ration mixed with sea salt and whole black pepper. The casing allows for a long slow aging which yields a complex flavor and aroma.

The Arrabbiata is a rich tomato sauce packed with flavorful herbs.

Columbus Finocchiona + Lowcountry Green Tomato Chutney
This version of the Tuscan specialty is made in San Francisco from coarse ground pork seasoned with wild fennel seed. Aged 3-months.

The chutney is packed with green tomatos, plump raisins, fragrant lemon rind, green apple, cayenne & aromatic cinnamon.

La Serena + Fig Preserves

This cheese has been made for centuries on the outskirts of Caceres. La Serena is made from the milk of Merino sheep that graze slate and granite soil. Thistle rennet is added to the raw ewe’s milk. The cheese is aged 3-4 months. The flavor is delicate.

Sweet and earthy fig preserves pair wonderfully with the richness of La Serena.

Fiore Sardo + Breitsamer Forest Honey
From Sardinia’s rich pastoral land of Logudoro. Produced by shepherds who age the wheels for one month on site followed by a session of smoking and four or more months in cool cellars for a traditionally rustic flavor. Firm texture, wet smoke and a nutty finish. Made of raw sheep milk.

Forest honey is a special German. Extracted very carefully from the comb it is a dark honey, mild in flavor with overtones of malt that is actually a “honeydew” produced style of honey.

Singing Brook + Albero Della Vita Eucalyptus Honey
Produced in Walland, TN at Blackberry farm each wheel is made from raw milk and aged for a minimum of nine months.  During the aging period, the rind is periodically rubbed with olive oil. This cheese is rich, nutty and buttery, with a sharpness reminiscent of a Pecorino Tuscano.

Produced on the sunny coast of Calabria by beekeeper Piero Taberna this honey has a light scent of licorice and medium sweetness that does it.

Dukkah with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Transport the taste buds to a Middle Eastern marketplace filled with an enticing mix of almonds, macadamia nuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, coriander and cumin. Dip your bread in the olive oil then the Dukkah. Great paired with beer.

Tinello Red Label Balsamic Vinegar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Red Label is made with cooked must from grapes grown in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region together with wine vinegar. Refined and aged in oak casks for at least 5 years, its full, mellow flavor blends sweet and sour tastes superbly

El Yucateco

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I guess it was Christmas of my Sophomore year in college, I would have already submitted my applications for Junior year abroad (in France since I was an art history major) at that point. For some reason we ended up in Cancun with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They had come to Cancun a few times already, but we had never been to Mexico. Something clicked in my 20 year old brain and I switched my application immediately upon returning to school from France to Mexico, specifically Merida in the Yucatan about 3 hours west of Cancun. I’ve had an almost 15 year love affair with the peninsula since.

The Yucatan is an incredibly special place. Home to the Mayans, the farthest removed from the capitol of the country, no fresh water on the surface, no mountains, a totally flat plane of bedrock that rose up out of the ocean. Home to Cenotes, Mayan pyramids, an accented Spanish just like the English in the Southern U.S., and a really strong regional food culture.

So this past week I returned. This time to a resort just north of Playa del Carmen. The last time I was here I got my first tattoo and it was a sleepy little hippy town…it has changed a lot, needless to say. This trip was not to explore, it was not to do much of anything so I picked an all inclusive, small hotel.

Turns out the hotel has an amazing kitchen staff and head chef. Meal after meal I was surprised and impressed. I will do a post of pictures of some of the lunches. There was a full and varied menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but they would also make anything you asked for and it was as fresh and delicious as anything on the menu. Besides using local and fresh ingredients the portions were perfect. I never had one meal where I felt like I overate.

Tonight the week of wonderful eating culminated in a beach BBQ. the entire kitchen and it’s staff was moved to a fire pit. Each of the four courses captured the classic and traditional flavors of Mayan food that I first experienced 15 years ago but with a contemporary twist. Much like what Blackberry Farm in Walland or City House in Nashville or Husk in Charleston does. Take your roots, in this case all the way back to the Mayans and up to the major resort developments and make it your own. So the menu:

Sweet potato soup with Chaya crisps (Chaya is a green specific to the peninsula. Over in Merida they scramble it in with eggs. Often it is juiced. The leaves are more similar to spinach than chard or kale.)
Bread served with a coriander, poblano chile crema (each night they served house made bread with a different spread)
Green salad with frisee and other salad greens, grapefruit, queso fresco served with a lime/jalapeno vinaigrette
BBQ served in an iron skillet, like what fajitas are served in at home, was a mixture of baby lamb from Campeche (the most western state on the peninsula. Grilled to perfection.), beef, chicken, scallops, shrimp, fish, and squid
Chocolate cake with a grand mariner crema filling and coffee ice cream

The entire meal was amazing, perfect and put a huge smile on my face. It was one of those moments where you see and taste and remember many memories all on one plate.

Avanti Savoia Tasting Menu!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

This is going to be SO good. March 21 Avanti Savoia will be taking over the Public House menu for the evening. Below is what we will be serving.

CHARCUTERIE BOARDS: each of our meats and cheeses paired with one of their special pickles, chutneys, or sauces and served with bread, Truffle Bread Sticks or Crostini

Benton’s Prosciutto, Lowcountry Sweet Pickles*
Salame Rosa, Lowcountry Pickled Garlic with Jalapenos*
Columbus Felino Salami, Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce with Chili*
Columbus Finocchiona, Lowcountry Green Tomato Chutney*

La Serena, Lowcountry Fig Jelly*
Fiore Sardo, Breitsamer Forest Honey*
Singing Brook, Albero Della Vita Eucalyptus Honey*

Avanti Savoia Combinations
Galfre Antipastos*   Avanti’s choice
Olive Selection*  Avanti’s choice
Lowcountry Pickle platter* Pickled Okra, Garlic, Sweet Pickles, Dilly Beans
Lowcountry Relish platter* Artichoke Relish, Red Tomato ChowChow, Corn Relish
Gazpacho “shooters”
Avanti Savoia extra virgin olive oil*, Dukkah* (with bread)
Avanti Savoia extra virgin olive oil*, Balsamic Vinegar*, (with bread)

Avanti Savoia Tasting @ The Public House

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

On March 21 we will have a tasting with Avanti Savoia. The tasting will begin at 4 and will be the menu for the entire eve. Prices will vary and be based per serving. No advanced tickets needed.

Avanti is working on a menu as we speak! I’m really excited to see which pickles and antipasto they choose to share with us. If the olive oils they supplied for the olive oil tasting is any indication we are in for a real treat! We already source our White Truffle Salt from them. Knoxville is very lucky to have this hidden gem.

I first visited Avanti in September:

Avanti Savoia is an incredible, unassuming warehouse in Halls. Halls you say? What amazing food discovery could be in Halls? Well, Avanti Savoia. It is an importing business of the finest degree: olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pastas, salts, pickles, and hard cheese. The products are almost exclusively of the Italian variety, but not all.

For an hour and  half I toured their products and learned about a female Italian olive oil maker who is certified organic, I tasted aged balsamic which blew my taste buds away, and purchased some white truffle sea salt to test for Public House popcorn. Owned locally with the most friendly chef I’ve ever met on staff, this was the most fun afternoon I’ve had in a while. In addition to all the amazing goods they have to offer there are cooking classes!

Avanti Savoia is in located at 7610 Maynardville Pike. It is open to the public and has a website. Go visit!


Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Thursday’s cocktail at the Public House will be the Nerina. It is an original from Employees Only in New York, inspired by my all time favorite the Negroni.

There is Amaro in the drink. I had never heard of this but one of our spirit reps coincidentally brought a bottle by a couple weeks ago. This one has a hazelnut flavor and is a great balance between sweet and bitter. According to Wikipedia Amaro is: “is a variety of Italian herbal liqueur, commonly drunk as an after-dinner digestif. It is usually bitter and sweet, sometimes syrupy, usually with an alcohol content between 16% and 35%. Amari are typically produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, bark, and/or citrus peels in alcohol, either neutral spirits or wine, mixing the filtrate with sugar syrup, and allowing the mixture to age in casks or in bottle.”

Recipe from Employees Only. Brands adjusted by Public House.

1 1/4 oz Martin Miller gin
1 1/4 oz Amara
1 1/4 oz Sweet vermouth

Come on in on Thursday and get boozy with us!