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Sunday Dinner

Monday, October 31st, 2011


Sunday dinner, Mockingbird style. It’s a rare Sunday that Mr. Mockingbird and I are able to cook dinner that we actually sit at the table and eat. We’re either out of town, too tired, or too lazy to make this happen. Yesterday though we did it up right. The above pasta is cooking in equal parts white wine and water, a bit of tomato paste, and a chicken bouillon cube. Cooking pasta in wine adds flavor to the pasta and makes it almost velvety. Then I sauteed onion, mushrooms, shrimp, and Andouille sausage with tarragon, salt, pepper, and a little of the white wine.

While I was cooking Mr. Mockingbird was in the backyard shucking a couple dozen oysters. If you know us you know there are often oysters in our lives but usually there are people coming over when the oysters are being shucked. This was our first time buying them just for us. We ate the oysters at the table with cocktail sauce and horseradish.

It’s real easy to forget that to cook a nice dinner doesn’t have to take long. I think all told, prep and cooking time, this took about 30 minutes. Somehow it is especially nice to have dinner like this on a Sunday. I suppose it’s one of those old eating habits that is ingrained in us from generations past.


Upcoming Public House Events!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

We have a busy month ahead of us at the Public House! Come check it out. All events are open to the public, no tickets required.

9 – Close
Hosted with Modern Ink Magazine join us for a ZOMBIE PROM! Oct 29, 9PM. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Celebrate Halloween Public House + Modern Ink styles, with good music and fancy drinks! Feature cocktails will be Bloody Marys and the Dark and Stormy.

4 – 10 or while glass supplies last
Join us for the “Glass that Gives” night. We’ll feature special hi-gravity beers from New Belgium in some of their glassware. For every beer you buy you get to keep the glass and $1 goes to a local non-profit.

4 – 10
We’ve been open for a year!! Come celebrate with us. We are humbled and appreciative of all of y’alls support. In thanks and celebration we will offer $1 off all wines and happy hour prices on beer until 10PM.

6 – 8
For our first wine tasting we’re starting with one of our favorite grapes, Syrah/Shiraz, known for producing full bodied red wines. Come by and purchase a flight Syrah and Shiraz wines. Taste for yourself how different the same grape can be in the hands of different wine makers in different countries.


Monday, October 24th, 2011

Yesterday Mr. Mockingbird and I hosted our first official, we’re-going-to-get-married event. Mental note, Sunday brunches no matter the purpose, with good drink, good food, lovely weather and even lovelier friends tend to turn epic. We started around noon, everyone left by 7.

I will not detail the number of bottles of Campari and champagne we went through. I will tell you that for once I accomplished what I always say I’m going to do, which is to not cook so much that I’m exhausted by party time. My plan of attack was to utilize some of Knoxville’s finest, combined with a few special ordered items.

From Harry’s Delicatessen I pre-ordered their lox and bialys. All I had to do was slice and serve. From the Shrimp Dock we bought the above super fresh oysters, cocktail sauce, and horseradish and put together oyster shooters. My splurge was ordering Latkes and roe from Gilt Taste. The Latkes were pretty perfect considering they came in the mail and all I had to was put them on a sheet and in the oven for ten minutes. Topped with a little creme fraiche and the roe, this was my favorite. Finally, the day before the brunch, I roasted a leg and shoulder of lamb with fall vegetables and potatoes. That’s it. So super easy and fun.


Don’t Miss Riverplains Farm to Music!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Be sure to get your tickets for Riverplains Farm to Music. As of right now it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful fall day. Bundle up, come at 6 so you don’t miss the sunset over Clinch Mountain. Music starts at 7:00 with Josh Oliver opening up for Jennifer Niceley. The sit down concert proves a listening room experience under the open night sky.

Anna Niceley Barreiro will be cooking outdoors in big iron skillets: locally grown sweet potatoes fried over the open flame, and perfectly seasoned skewers of pastured poultry and pork from Mother Earth Meats.

Get your tickets HERE!

Get Your Farm to Music Tickets!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Bundle up and come enjoy Farm to Music presented by Mother Earth Meats and featuring Jennifer Niceley with an opening set from Josh Oliver Saturday October 22, 6:00 PM at the Riverplains Farm. It looks like this dreary rain will have moved out by Saturday, which means a lovely sunset over Clinch Mountain. Music starts at 7:00 PM and there will be a small plate served with local sweet potatoes and meat from Mother Earth Meats. Bring your own beverages.

Check out Jennifer’s vocal stylings here and here. Buy your tickets now! It’s going to be a great evening celebrating the fall harvest and music. See you on the farm!


Monday, October 10th, 2011

I went to a small school that did not have NCAA division one sports except for our hockey team. They were really good but as far as I can tell there were never any tailgates for hockey games. So, I do not have a background in such sports traditions. I do however, love football + food + booze. Saturday my girls and I organized my first ever tailgate. Turns out when a couple of event planners get together to throw a party, it is pretty great, if we do say so ourselves. There was some shot-gunning of beers, some dips, an amazing boil thanks to the Shrimp Dock’s fresh gulf shrimp and great seafood stock, and of course Jello-SHOTS. That’s right. We did it up right.


Come Enjoy Fall + Music on the Farm!

Monday, October 10th, 2011
An Evening of Farm to Music!

As fall sets in we’re getting really excited about the upcoming Farm to Music event at Riverplains Farm on Saturday, October 22 presented by Mother Earth Meats. The farm opens at 6:00 PM with music from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. Buy tickets HERE.

The sit down concert proves a listening room experience under the open night sky featuring Jennifer Niceley with an opening set from Josh Oliver. Jennifer will be joined by Taylor Coker on upright bass, Josh Oliver on keys, guitars and backing vocals; and Dave Racine on drums. Josh and Dave both appear on Niceley’s “Body + Soul” EP.

Anna Niceley Barreiro, in the style of previous Riverplains Farm to Table dinners, will be cooking outdoors in big iron skillets: locally grown sweet potatoes fried over the open flame, and perfectly seasoned skewers of pastured poultry and pork from Mother Earth Meats. There will be some extra baked goods on hand as well!

On the farm this time of year the air is crisp, the colors of leaf and wild bloom varied and deep. Ripe, orange persimmons are falling from the trees, as are black walnuts, hickory nuts, acorns…the corn in the field is turning brown, the ears getting drier each day. The October sunset with views of House Mountain and Clinch Mountain beyond, in dark blue shadows and pink streaked skies, could not be more stunning. And when darkness comes, there is a special clarity of expanse and constellation…even when the air is cool, it makes you want to stay outside and keep looking up.

Don’t miss this great fall event. Buy tickets HERE.

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