On Monday we sought out a restaurant in Koreatown here in New York. The food was not awesome, the decorations were. There was also traditional Christmas music in the background but sung in Korean and with Korean pop-music effects. It was an experience.

Holiday Trunk Show

Handmade Holiday Trunk Show 2009 Sponsored by Yee-Haw Industries, Downtown Wine & Spirits, & Metro Pulse <:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:><:> December 4-6 & 11-13 409 S. Gay St. (between Yee-Haw & Downtown Wine & Spirits) featuring locally crafted housewares, apparel, & accessories recycled stationery, cork trivets, belt buckles, hubcap art, & tire planters; pottery, apparel, jewelry, candles, soap, […]

Good Times

Last Friday my brother, soon to be sister in law, and some other friends enjoyed a late night sushi dinner that lasted till 1 A.M. Dinner was accented by an abundance of amazing sushi, 2 incredible wines, and such fun conversation. Food and drink bring it all together. Sitting in bars is fun, sitting around […]

Carmel Apple

This is a recipe from Robert Birkholz, an illustrious Mockingbird bartender and amazing chef. The drink is THE perfect fall/winter cocktail. Carmel Apple Apple-sorghum soda 210g (7oz) fresh apple juice (about 4 medium size apples) 54g (1.5 oz) sorghum 2 CO2 cartridges Juice apples and strain. whisk sorghum into juice. Fill seltzer bottle 3/4 full. […]