Welcome! Here will live the daily inspirations and ideas that make up our days. Because the nuances of our lives, the experiences that seem less like experiences and more like mundane happenings, are in fact the fabric that make our days interesting. Be it stumbling upon a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, sensing a spice at a fancy restaurant that reminds you of dinner at your grandmother’s, or coming home after a long week of moving to find a friend left dinner on your porch. Food and drink create community, friendships, love, and, happiness for all, which for Mockingbird is the greatest good.

The entirety of what Mockingbird hopes to do is an homage to family, friends, and loved ones from the many periods of our life. Without fried donuts at a Kentucky Derby party, travels to lands far and wide where all that mattered was the next meal, tasting liquors out of teaspoons on the kitchen floor, not having any bars to go to, field trips to bacon stores, and family cooking contests none of this would have crossed my mind.

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  1. This is a beautiful site–and what’s more, a beautiful “homage” as you put it to our loved ones from different periods of our lives. I look forward to reading this blog and being reminded of all of this.

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