Traveling to lands afar, buying interesting food items that you still can’t get at home is a hobby of many people I know. Most people eat or share immediately, the rest of us hoard until sometimes it’s gone bad and you don’t even get to enjoy it. My friend still has a bottle of cassis I bought in Paris five years ago. I just used a can of yellow tomatoes purchased at Big Lots close to six years ago. Recently I came across this historical information about hoarding:

“A notable aspect of society (in Ireland) in the Middle and Later Bronze Age was the practice of depositing large hoards of metal objects in the ground…hoards may simply represent private possessions hiding in times of danger and not retrieved…the large number of hoards in wet environments suggests ritual interests perhaps related to a deterioration in climate. It is likely a complex number of economic and social reasons were responsible for the practice of hoarding…”

It somehow made me feel better about that can of tomatoes…