Maldon Sea Salt

Every Thanksgiving it seems my Dad and I get into an argument about salt and how it tastes. He says salt, is salt, is salt. It all tastes the same. Every year we do a tasted test because I have no less than 6 different kinds of salt at my house right now, and every year he admits that different salt does indeed taste differently. For a while I was obsessing over pink Himalayan but now I’ve discovered Maldon Sea Salt. It’s a British salt and is flaky and salty and wonderful. You can eat the flakes by themselves it is so utterly perfect.


According to the press section on Maldon’s excellent website (

“Maldon Salt relies on the favourable conditions which have given east coast sea salt its unique flavour for centuries. The pyramid-shaped salt crystals, characteristics of Maldon Salt, are soft and fragile enough to crumble easily between the fingers.

Product quality is excellent, the production process is based on traditional salt-making techniques which date back almost two thousand years, but uses modern technology to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Since 1973 Tidman’s range of salt products has been marketed by the Maldon Crystal Salt Company. Tidman’s range of bath, table, sea and rock salts is sold alongside Maldon Salt in supermarkets, delicatessens, chemists and health food shops all over the world.

The Maldon Crystal Salt Co. is now in the capable hands of the fourth generation of the Osborne Family, and has occupied the same site on the banks of the River Blackwater since 1882. Recently the Company has expanded into new premises where packaging, distribution and administration takes place, enabling additional salt pans on the original site, increasing productivity.”

You can find Maldon Sea Salt at the Fresh Market for about $4.00. There’s a lot of salt in there.