Mockingbird Favorites in Knoxville

A lot of these are obvious, but I’m still learning about the nooks and crannies in Knoxville…Please chime in with your favorites in the comments section.

Egg Drop Soup at the Plum Tree on Kingston Pike:
A friend also told me they had amazing, authentic Pho but we didn’t try it the day we went. The rest of the food was not awesome, but not bad.

Sausage platter and Spetzle at the Linderhoff:
I know, I know, it is ALL the way out in Farragut. I know our grandparents walked to school in the snow, but let me tell you I used to have to drive that far to buy beer outside of my dry county…It’s worth the drive. Almost more than the beer.

Dried, fried eggplant and crispy beef at Hong Kong House:
Well those and everything else. Still haven’t made it for Dim Sum on Sunday, but someday Mockingbird HQs will be awake and out west before 2:30 on a Sunday.

Fish tacos at Manhattan’s:
Best french fries in town and best fish tacos. Somehow. They also have about the most interesting bourbon selection of any bar downtown. Sometimes they even have Pappy…

The Tortas at Senor Taco:
I had never ordered this and always wanted to. It was one of my favorite discoveries when I did my semester abroad in Mexico. We got it a couple weeks ago, the bread was like Challah, the sandwich huge, the fries fried in some crazy tasting grease. Mmmmmmmm.

Sunrise is amazing, everyone knows. Everyone who hasn’t gone needs to go. Right now. It is so fun. Chicken hearts, cows’ hoofs, bok choy, limes for .25 each, ginger, fresh tumeric, the list goes on and on and on.

Holy Land has great prepared foods, feta, olives and frozen meats. Also as Kevin Clark pointed out, great for sandwiches and falafel.

Three Rivers Co-op. Shopping there is the best experience in town, they have everything you need and the most concentrated local food selections of anywhere.

Okay, that’s all I have right now. I’m sure I’ll think of more later.