Southern Foodways Alliance

In my previous post I linked to the Southern Foodways Alliance site. I learned about them years ago when my dad was involved in food-writing. His area of specialty was Appalachian food. On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend their annual fundraiser dinner at Blackberry Farm. Blackberry hosts the SFA and attendees for the weekend but we were only able to make the dinner.

The dinner is the culmination of the weekend and featured 6 course featuring the hottest Southern chefs: John Sheilds, Adam Cooke, Ashley Christensen, Joe Truex, Edward Lee, Karen Urie Shields. Each course was extravagant and layered in it’s complexity. There was Smoked Steelhead Roe in a Scrambled Egg Mousse. There was a Braised Pork Shoulder served with a Wild Boar Chop. There was Carolina Gold Rice with Wild Snails that was part of a duck dish. But the course that was the most amazing, in my mind all the parts worked together to make a whole dish was a Rabbit Sausage with Cider Braised Collards and Caramelized Apple. The Rabbit Sausage was served sausage patty style but it was thick and light. The greens had a bit of a spicy bite to them at the end. It was a perfect dish.

SFA is a great group to support and get involved in. Check out their site:

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  1. Hard not to drool over the delicious sounding food at Blackberry (and I am not yet
    old enough to be just plain drooling). So happy to get all the
    detail onyour blog which I am doing instead of paying bills. Love Mom

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