A Birthday Dinner

On January 4th we went to Matsuhisa for my Mom’s birthday dinner. There were 4 of us and we probably had about 12 dishes between us all. Everything was pretty amazing. One of the most unique combinations was asparagus tips with a hollandaise sauce and salmon eggs. Fish eggs have become my favorite food this winter. The hollandaise was not too thick so all the textures combined just perfectly. My 2 favorites though were the oysters and the Mochi ice cream.

We ordered a half dozen of oysters, they never told us what kind they were, but they were amazing. This one had a cilantro leaf, lime juice, and touch of sriracha. The red/pink in the background is a Japanese peach. It was delicious.

Then came the house made Mochi Ice Cream. More on Mochi in the next post. I’ve only recently discovered this amazing food item. You can buy loads of different Mochi at Sunrise here in Knoxville and Nama serves it sometimes for dessert. Yum. This was mango and vanilla.

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