BaconFest Categories

Mockingbird is lining up the judges, the competition is going to be fierce. You’ve got one-month! Here are the categories:

Best use of Bacon Grease: Leftover animal fat is an amazing tool. There was a while there where restaurants in New York were doing french fries fried in duck fat. I’m curious what french fries fried in Benton’s bacon grease might taste like.

Best Savory Dish:This category is wide open. Bacon goes with everything. The idea here though is to highlight some kind of cured pork. Wrap things, stuff things, braise things.

Best Sweet Dish: Last year there were more sweets than savory dishes, just proving that bacon does in fact make everything better. Again, highlight that cured pork.

Most Pork/Bacon in a dish: The winner of this last year used SO many different kinds of pork and bacon but none of it was over powering.

Best Reinterpretation of a Traditional Recipe: Dig out one of your grandma’s classic recipes, reinterpret it, add in bacon, make it new.

Most Exotic Cured Pork Product: Did you know there is Korean Bacon? Pancetta is the Italian version, Irish bacon, Canadian bacon, Speck from Germany, Lop Yuk from China. What can you get your hands on?

Most Creatively Paired Ingredient: Would bacon go will with peanut butter? What about buttermilk? What’s the most tasty creative thing to pair bacon with?

Entry rules to follow. One final tip, the dishes don’t have to be solid, if you are inspired to do a drink, bring it on.

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