Sunrise Market

***Each month Mockingbird will do a post of a featured item from the Sunrise Market. Located in West Knoxville it is an expansive Asian grocery store full of live fish, duck hearts, produce, and many, many other amazing items.*** Sticky Candy. These are the only words in English on this packaging. It is gummy rice […]

Slow Foods Knoxville Fundraiser

The Appalachian Pantry Dinner Saturday, January 23rd, 7pm until 10pm Ironwood Studios 119 Jennings Avenue, Knoxville $75 per guest, $60 for Slow Food members To purchase tickets visit: In keeping with the Slow Food ideal of good, clean and fair food, Chef Matt Gallaher will prepare this dinner with ingredients nearly exclusively sourced from […]


Mochi is a glutenous/sticky Japanese rice cake. It is traditionally served in Japan around the Japanese New Year. It is used for sweets and ice cream but also served with soup and other dishes. How it’s made according to the all knowing Wikipedia: Mochitsuki is the traditional mochi-pounding ceremony in Japan. Polished glutinous rice is […]