Food and Bacon

Now the Swine and Dine courses. Our cooks have gone all out, or shall we say whole hog. The pig puns have been running rampant over at Mockingbird HQs.

From Holly Hambright, General Manager Nama Sushi Bar Bearden, Catering Consultant EOS Catering Swine and Dine diners will have Lobster Bacon “Bisque”, Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallop, Corn and Bacon Timbale.

Dave McCauley and Chris Dufree Pitmasters for Q the Pig a BBQ Production will be serving smoked, bacon wrapped, stuffed peppers with a smokey, three cheese and bacon macaroni with a Strawberry Habanero sauce.

Robert Birkholz of the Tomato Head, Maryville will be making a confit pork shoulder croquette with frisee, alan benton’s country ham, sorghum vinegarette and country ham/cola jus.

And finally Meg Parrish and Lindsay Beeson of Craft and Spoon will present a dessert table of: Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn, Bacon Toffee Ice Cream with Maple Cones, Bacon Toffee Bars, Sugar Cookies.

We’ll end with bourbon from Downtown Wine and Spirits and Coffee from Java.

MMMMM….We’ll have a full report once all the dishes have been tasted!

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