BaconFest Entry Rules

Requirements/Guidelines for entry: A cured pork product has to be featured (except for the best use of bacon grease category) The dish should serve small portions for 30-40 Entries have to be on the table by 7:40 A full recipe card must be attached with recipe and the name of the person who entered the […]


It’s about that time. Old timers at home always said on Valentines Day you can put your peas in the ground. You can also start radishes, arugula, and chard. I have three vegetable beds in my front yard, one day the whole thing will be vegetables. I went crazy on beet seeds at the end […]


I’m a bit late posting this on the blog, but Mockingbird is on Twitter. Be the first to hear about events, event details, and other highlights. Follow Mockingbird! Go technology.

Bau Haus

Mockingbird is going to New York next week. I’ve jumped the technology hurdle and will be able to do immediate posts while eating. This is one of the places I really want to try. It looks amazing. From their menu: We serve Authentic Taiwanese Gua Bao (steamed buns) using select all-natural meats. Everything is […]