Sunrise Market Time

Here’s the monthly Mockingbird visit to Sunrise. We decided to venture into the bakery section and managed to have our entire dinner from there, for better or worse…. We started with this amazing semi sweet bread with a hot dog in it. Heated up it was delicious. Mmmm. Crazy unknown Asian bakery goods. Check it […]


The other awesome New York find thanks to Lady K, Ippuddo. House made ramen noodles. It was mind boggling. They have some kind of broth that takes days to make, there’s all kinds of different meats, steamed buns that melt in your mouth. Oh my. We were there the day of one of the recent […]


So a few weeks ago Mockingbird was in New York. I tried lots of new places with Jesse, Lauren, and Carlos. Neither of them had really been to the city before so it was really fun to try new things. I’ve walked by this place, Ideya many times the past couple years. It’s down in […]

Denton’s Burgers

I love food tips. Especially from Jeff Ross. He has good ones. In my food finds at the end of the year he suggested going to Denton’s for a good basic burger. I was running some errands recently, not eating properly that week, and starving. A burger seemed like the best idea ever. Mmmmm. This […]

Wild Game Dinner!!

Yay, I am excited to welcome my first official guest blogger. Chad Pelton went to a wild game dinner a couple weeks back. What with bacon madness it took me a bit to get it posted but here is his recap with a photo! Thanks so much Chad: The Wildlife and Fisheries Society at UT […]