Farm to Table

So yesterday I was lucky enough to visit 2 farms in East Tennessee. One was where Mockingbird will be partnering with the Niceleys to bring you a Jefferson County Farm to Table dinner. The other was another working farm near Johnson City where my little brother will say his nuptials in late June. There were […]

Mexican Drinks

The 2 drinks I really only get in Mexico: Pina Coladas Auga de Sandia Pina Coladas are in fact delicious when made with fresh pineapple, good rum, and rich coconut cream. In looking for recipes the Pina Coladas’ Wickipedia entry lists a number of origin stories but I like the one that says a pirate […]

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

It doesn’t get better than fresh fish. 2 nights in a row I got a whole fried fish. The fish isn’t battered but flash fried, only the guts are gone. It was served with minced garlic and some parsley in olive oil. I asked for tortillas. I’m always fascinated by being able to pull off […]

Everyone’s Favorite

Yep, we all love, we all eat bad versions on a regular basis, it’s hard to resist. It’s so good, it’s actually good for you, and it makes you think of the tropics. It’s Guacamole! I ate a plate of it for lunch one day in Mexico. The basics: avacados, lime, and salt. That’s it. […]

El Tábano

The food chatter about Tulum seems to consist of 2 topics, 1 that there aren’t a ton of good restaurants nor are there many street food options and 2 El Tábano which seems to be everyone’s favorite place to eat in Tulum. We ate there twice and even though I was sick the second night […]