Breakfast of Champions

I love Mexican breakfasts. As my mother can attest, I always hated breakfast. She had to force banana milkshakes (banana pureed with milk) down my throat. Even as an adult the breakfasts I like the most are things like hummus and carrots or a bite of chicken salad. Pure protein is the breakfast of champions […]

Mexico Snacks (part 1)

When I was a junior in college I spent my semester abroad on the Yucatan Peninsula. That was 12 years ago (yikes!) I’ve been back numerous times since my extended study/vacation that is a semester abroad! Last week I visited Tulum with my brother, soon to be sister in law, and mom. We didn’t do […]


Before I get to Mexico, it is spring time in the mountains. That means ramps, dry land fish, and more shades of green than you can imagine in the hills. The other day on Twitter I saw this post that was something to the effect of, “It’s pandemonium at the Union Square farmer’s market for […]

Speak Easy Fun!

The night was perfect, the drinks lovely and the bartenders were the most stylish yet. Eric and Steve arrived on a classic side care motorcycle while Charlotte and Lauren were muddling and shaking all night, both looking fabulous while doing so. We were lucky there was an ice storm! It was a perfect spring night. […]