@ Bonnaroo!

Just got unpacked in Manchester. I brought some food but mainly things for making yummy drinks. Celery, cucumber and watermelon juices as well as cherry and rhubarb syrup. Right now I am enjoying rhubarb and gin.

Hangover Solution

I made some cucumber, ginger, apple juice this morn. Everything was out of the fridge so it was cool and sweet and tangy! It is also possible that I was a bit hungover this fine summer morn and the juice seems to be doing the trick for that as well!


Well it’s that time of year again in my life. Bonnaroo. It’s my fourth year at the festival and every year it takes over my life for a few weeks. While I would like to say there are tons of little local food gems in Manchester, there are only a few. I will blog about […]


I’ve always wanted to make a clafoutis. Egg custard with fruit. Yum. Today I interpreted a Martha Stewart recipe. I didn’t want to make crust no do I have individual tart pans, oh and sour cherries are not in season now. So I bought Pilsbury pie crust and stacked 2 layers into a 10″ tart […]

Upcoming EVENTS!

Check it out. Two Bearden events that look awesome. The new chef at the Orangery is a Southern Foodways Alliance boy from Johnson City. His food is supposed to be amazing. Sake Tasting! Tuesday, May 25 – 6PM $55 plus tax and gratuity Call Nama Bearden 865.588.9811 for reservations Tozai Typhoon Premium Sake Daikon and […]