It’s strawberry season. Here’s a round up of some things to do with the berries besides the regular jam and shortcake.

1. Juice them. Make cocktails. On Saturday we muddled some basil with the juice topped it with champagne and a splash of vodka. Could also use to make strawberry lemonade.
2. Freeze the juice in ice cubes. Use as actual ice cubes for any drink or defrost a bunch of the cubes so you can use them later in the summer.
3. Make a balsamic vinegar and port reduction, poor over the berries.
4. Dice the berries, finely chop some basil, mix in with goat cheese. Serve on french bread drizzled with some honey.
5. Make a honey, strawberry simple syrup. Use honey instead of sugar, boil down the berries, strain. The syrup can be used to sweeten cocktails or other juices or lemonade.

Get your berries now at the Farmer’s Market. The season doesn’t last all that long!