Sweet Market Scores

Great day at the farmer’s market. Chicken salad, quinoa from our Just Ripe friends and more beautiful strawberries!! Also super secret milk and yogurt, not from the market. My afternoon snack: strawberries and yogurt! All from right here!!!!

Burger Toppings?

It’s burger time here at Mockingbird HQs. We have some grassfed beef from the Market Square Farmer’s Market and when I went to find condiments I found 3 kinds of relish, 2 kinds of pickles, ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce. Not sure what combo to go with. I may just eat a bun with all […]

drink of the weekend

The drink of the weekend came from this lovely pre-wedding cocktail party I hosted in my backyard and the new juicer I am obsessed with. Juice about 4 stalks of celery (which I hate to just eat but it gives every juice have just a slight bite…) and a 2 inch piece of ginger. It […]

Snap peas

Just picked a bowl of snap peas! These Are dwarf snap peas and come in quite fast. We will probably just eat these as snacks. No cooking. Yum.

Radish Relish

Radishes are in. I’m not a huge fan of raw radishes but I grew some this year because they are so easy and fast. Yesterday I made a radish relish: 2 cups diced radish 1 cup diced red onion 1 head of garlic diced pickling spices of your choosing 1 cup vinegar 1 cup water […]


It’s strawberry season. Here’s a round up of some things to do with the berries besides the regular jam and shortcake. 1. Juice them. Make cocktails. On Saturday we muddled some basil with the juice topped it with champagne and a splash of vodka. Could also use to make strawberry lemonade. 2. Freeze the juice […]