Grilling season is upon us. Last week I was listening to KCRW’s Good Eats show and they had master Argentine cook and man of fire, Francis Mallmann on. All I caught really was him saying something about too much harmony of flavors in the mouth is boring. It’s much more fun to have flavors that […]


In Mexico there is an abundance of cement and white paint. My brother and I went into town one day to get some dinero and they were setting up for this talk in the main square. Everything is freshly painted. The white was so bright it hurt my eyes through my sunglasses.


Finding good pita is tough. It either needs to be rebaked, is too bready, is not bready enough, or is just like ripping through rubber. I was doing some cooking a few weeks back that called for some pita. I figured I would cut it up into triangles and rebake it before serving. I just […]