Bonnaroo Eating

One of the most challenging things about Bonnaroo is eating in Manchester for 2-weeks. Between staff catering and the virtual lack of a grocery store besides Walmart and no kitchen in the majority of our rooms, it is, well sometimes not fun. There are a couple major standouts though. Manchester has some things Knoxville does […]

Summer Wedding Cocktails

My brother and now official sister in law got married last weekend. I helped with the cocktails which were executed pretty well by the caterer. First the Lavender Fizz: Put a handful of dried lavender into 1, 750 ML of a Vodka. Let it seep for 1-2 weeks. To make the drink: 2 oz of […]

Johnson City Farmer’s Market

I got wind of donuts early in the week of my brother’s wedding. I kind of couldn’t believe it, my now official sister in law’s mother said there was an Amish family who had a booth making donuts at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market. Fresh and glazed. Word spread quickly among the wedding party and […]

Tuesday Field Trip

Today’s Tuesday field was out to the Riverplains Dairy Farm. Mockingbird Events is partnering with Riverplains for what is sure to be an amazing farm to table dinner on August 14. Today was our menu planning session. It was a hot day here in Tennessee but beautiful. The sky was blue and the land around […]