Tuesday Field Trip

Today’s Tuesday field was out to the Riverplains Dairy Farm. Mockingbird Events is partnering with Riverplains for what is sure to be an amazing farm to table dinner on August 14. Today was our menu planning session. It was a hot day here in Tennessee but beautiful. The sky was blue and the land around green. I drove out in the hottest part of the day, a good time to be inside instead of weeding or milking.

Anna and Jennifer are amazing. Anna made spelt crackers. The spelt was soaked in yogurt Jennifer made and then cooked into a cracker with coconut oil. We also sampled a lovely gazpacho with a 24-hour beef stock as a base that we will serve. In addition to planning the menu we talked about the loss of farmland and ways to get that message out. They told me about soaking grains, seeds, and legumes before cooking or eating because it is easier for your body to digest. That is the way these food items have been eaten for centuries. It is only in the last 100 years the way prepare or process these foods have changed.

This dinner is going to be fun, beautiful, and engaging. I am so excited. Stay tuned to Mockingbird for more details. Tickets will go on sale next week.