Johnson City Farmer’s Market

I got wind of donuts early in the week of my brother’s wedding. I kind of couldn’t believe it, my now official sister in law’s mother said there was an Amish family who had a booth making donuts at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market. Fresh and glazed. Word spread quickly among the wedding party and soon we had a contingent, enough to share time in the line at least.

Start to finish in this line: 1-hour

We probably should have guessed there would be a line but somehow I thought our team of donut eaters would be able to cruise in and out. After taking turns in the line, checking out the other booths, getting some Bubba’s iced tea (there were 25 flavor choices among them, jalepeno sweet tea), buying 2 cakes for my birthday (strawberry and a spice cake with caramel icing), and then making the rounds again we reached the front of this hour long line.

So there were a lot of things happening once we got up close. There were 2 ladies managing the actual dough, which seemed to be pre-mixed, but the actual donut shapes were cut there in the booth. Once the shapes were cut, they had a proofer where I imagine the second rising was taking place. They were then dropped into the fryer about 6 at a time, turned with what looked like a long chop stick. After the donuts were browned and fried to crispy perfection they were dipped in a glaze and then cooled for a minute or two on drying racks.

The result: perhaps the best $1.50 I’ve ever spent. They were crisp on the outside and light as air on the inside. It was well worth the hour spent in line…

I wish I had one right now!