Bonnaroo Eating

One of the most challenging things about Bonnaroo is eating in Manchester for 2-weeks. Between staff catering and the virtual lack of a grocery store besides Walmart and no kitchen in the majority of our rooms, it is, well sometimes not fun.

There are a couple major standouts though. Manchester has some things Knoxville does not, most importantly and hamburger joint owned by the Mayor. Now sure our Mayor’s family owns Pilot which owns lots and lots of other things but I’d rather have a Jiffy Burger…

Jiffy Burger is what places like the Shake Shack are based on. This is the real deal with curb side service, patty melts (which they call something else and I can’t remember right now), a number of options for your burger and now the menu features a Bonnaroo Burger! The burgers are served on a white bread bun. We ordered a bacon burger at one point and there was so much bacon on it Mary Beth had to take a few pieces off. On the fries front they have crinkle and battered. For my taste, I like crispy fries better, the battered are the best. However if you want to go whole hog get the onion rings. One onion ring is practically enough for an entire meal.

So much bacon...
This is what I call a Patty Melt

I was on Thursday for an interview. I timed it so we will finish right at dinner time!