Tuesday Field Trip: Ali Babba’s

This week’s Tuesday field trip was to Ali Babba’s Time Out Deli. It had been a while since I’d been there and I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten food to stay. I love the combo restaurant/grocery store. There is fresh produce and frozen products and about 7 different kinds of pita bread. I was really tempted to by the Halaal marshmallows but didn’t.

We ordered Falafel, Kibbeh in a sack (grossest name for something ever), fries, and fresh fried cauliflower. The fried cauliflower reaffirmed my opinion that it is the most underutilized/appreciated vegetable ever. It was amazing. No batter, just fried straight with seasoning and it seems like they squeezed lemon juice over it after it had been fried. It was so, so good and unique. The Falafel, as always, was really good. I get these period cravings for Falafel, I’m not sure what it is, but it always hits to spot.

The Kibbeh was not good. The bulgar outside was mushy and not cooked and you could barely taste the lamb. Holy Land has AMAZING Kibbeh, they are smaller and more appetizer size. The sack it was in was just pita bread. The pita on both were pretty typical. Nothing amazing but not bad either.

As I was paying the very happy man behind the counter offered us some cheese baklava. It was amazing. The cheese was a custard of sort, vanilla, and then it was in the traditional baklava puff pastry. It was cut into squares and was resting on one of his sandwich grills so it was still warm when we got it. He also talked me into an Angel’s Kiss. He said to just try it and if I didn’t like it he would pay for it. It was totally delicious. My favorite kind of sweet, not too sweet and not heavy. It was a poof of Halaal marshmallow covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate with a very thin wafer at the bottom. It was in the shape of a large Hershey’s Kiss.

The other awesome thing about Ali Babba’s, besides the fact it exists in Knoxville, it is open till 2AM. Now the chances of driving out there after a night on the town are slim, but it is comforting to know.

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  1. I had my very first hummus of my life there. I thought it was SO GOOD! Only thing kept me from going there again was the cleaness of the store… How is the store now? It has been 15 years ago since I visited.

  2. Well super clean is probably not an accurate description, but it isn’t dirty. I think the best bet is taking the food to go, because it is definitely worth it as far as the food goes.

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