Tuesday Field Trip: Gourmet’s Market

Today’s Tuesday Field Trip was to Gourmet’s Market. I hadn’t been there in years. So Nathanna Design and Mockingbird Events had a lunch meeting. The space was totally redone and opened up with double the tables. It looks like a whole other building.

The menu was extensive although I missed the whole salad section because I’m kind of a space cadet. Also in space cadet land I ordered a Canadian bacon panini with Gruyere and fresh tomato. Unfortunately I forgot that Canadian bacon is really just ham, especially when it’s not the best, like on this sandwich. There were a couple things wrong with the sandwich that didn’t have to do with me being an idiot, there was so much mayonnaise that it was dripping off the sandwich and the Gruyere had absolutely no flavor. It’s only Gruyere like quality was that it was white.

1/2 of Nathanna Design had the smoked salmon platter that looked beautiful. Ripe, ripe fresh tomatoes, beautiful looking cucumber, and lovely salmon. Also cucumbers and fresh dill had been folded into the cream cheese.

This is a place that I used to think about going to for brunch but it always has such a line. Now that the table space is doubled I am going to reconsider. I think the sandwich was a fluke.

5107 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919-5152
(865) 584-8739