Tuesday Field Trip: The Rusty Fork

The Rust Fork Cafe is in Elkhorn City, KY. It is an awesome combination kayaker pit stop, local diner, and when we were there, 4-wheeler pit stop! It looks like it is now the only place to eat out in town. The pizza place has burned down since I was there last and there are no fast food places.

Elkhorn is one of my favorite towns back home. It is the gateway to the Breaks Interstate Park, one of my favorite places on earth. The restaurant is on the Rusty Fork of the Big Sandy River, it’s got class 4 rapids during a river release that happens every October and is abosolutely so beautiful. We went swimming and had a great diner meal.

The biggest revelation here, which I thought semi-southern or at least common, was the slaw, club crackers, and butter. Carlos had never heard of such a combination and then I asked around later that evening and it seemed a common response. Growing up at Jerry’s or any diner type place the slaw always came out first, as the salad, and was served with club crackers and butter. You put a little butter on the cracker and then eat it with a bite of slaw. It is delicious.

After our slaw we had a cheeseburger and fish sandwich and PEANUT BUTTER PIE!!! That is my favorite pie ever. This wasn’t the kind I grew up with but it was delicious nonetheless. It was a peanut butter cream with chocolate sauce on the top and a graham cracker crust. We ate the pie down at Ratliff’s Hole, the swimming hole. Twas a lovely day of old haunts and nostalgic food.