Summer Drink Option

So the Caipirnha is a Brazilian specialty made with Cachaca, a native sugar cane liquor. As with most cocktails that make their way to this country I’ve had this drink a number of ways. With soda water, with simple syrup, with mint, without mint, with loads of lime pieces. Much like the mojito it is bastardized often. Sometimes this bastardization is not bad, the drink is still drinkable.

The basic formula though for the national drink of Brazil is:
1 lime quartered
2 tsp sugar
2 oz of Cachaca

Put the limes in a sturdy glass, pour the 2 tsp of sugar over and macerate with a muddler until the sugar dissolves. Pour Cachaca over the limes and mix. Strain out limes and pour over ice.

This drink would be great with a dark rum or tequila if you can’t find the Cachaca. It’s a great way to beat the heat!