Riverplains Pickling!

Yesterday Jennifer and I started making the pickles for the Riverplains Farm to Table dinner on August 14. We had a great time! Of course the vegetables from the farm were absolutely beautiful. I saved some of the fresh dill for some Mockingbird pickling this week it is so fragrant I catch whiff of dill […]

Chef’s Challenge!

Saturday morning I was lucky enough to help out with the Market Square Farmer’s Market Chef’s Challenge. The challenge is sponsored by Three Rivers Market and consists of two chefs from local restaurants. They are allowed to bring: a fat, a wild card/staple of the restaurant, a starch, 3 spices plus salt, and an acid. […]


I learned to drink from some of the greats. Last year one morning after drinking heavily we started again at 9AM with Sangritas, chilled tequila and a fresh roasted tomato juice as a back. It’s an old New York Times recipe. I, for once followed this recipe to a T. Except I altered it so […]

Yam Neua

The introduction to this recipe in Gourmet Today says “There are probably as many versions of yam neua as there are cooks in Thailand…” Add one cook in Knoxville to that number of variations that I’m sure are far from proper but the end result was amazing, if I do so. This recipe makes enough […]

Positively Living Fundraiser

Support Positively Living July 17, 2010! Print the reply card below and return to: Positively Living 1501 East 5th Avenue Knoxville, TN 37917 If you can’t get the card to print just send your information and check to Positively Living.

2 Dips

Someday I will have an entire dinner that is all dips, spreads, and condiments. It is a long term dream! This weekend I made 2 dips. One was totally on the fly and thanks to stumbling on some super special (to me at least) ingredients at the Fresh Market, the other was anticipated and adapted! […]