Tuesday Field Trip: Gourmet’s Market

Today’s Tuesday Field Trip was to Gourmet’s Market. I hadn’t been there in years. So Nathanna Design and Mockingbird Events had a lunch meeting. The space was totally redone and opened up with double the tables. It looks like a whole other building. The menu was extensive although I missed the whole salad section because […]

Fried Pickles and Telling on Myself

Friday I met with my lovely friend for some lovely fried zucchini pickles suggested by another lovely cook. It was as you tell all around lovely. The pickles are at the Night Owl Cafe in the Old City. The zucchinis come from Organicism farms. The batter was perfectly crisp, the pickles looked like they were […]

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Monday Mockingbird will have full reports on the glorious holiday weekend food prepared. I know what I’m making this weekend and I can’t wait to share the recipes! A take on Sangritas, Shrimp rolls, Thai beef salad, and MORE! I can’t wait to see what I else I encounter. Mmmmmmm.