Tuesday Field Trip: Dairy Cheer

This field trip, Dairy Cheer. It is an eastern Kentucky chain and by chain I mean there are 2 in Pikeville, one in Prestonsburg, and one in West Liberty. After home softball games one of my coaches took us to Dairy Cheer. I always remember getting a blueberry milkshake made from blueberry ice cream where […]

Anticipating Fall and Winter

We still have a ways to go, but these 90 degree days will eventually end. We will miss them and the bounty that came with them. I’ve been putting up pickles left and right. I’ve also been juicing. So far I have a bag of strawberry and tomato water ice cubes. Next will be watermelon. […]

Tuesday Field Trip: Tupelo Honey

This Tuesday Field Trip happened last Thursday evening. After coming back straight to Farm to Table preparation and execution my mind forgot that I was on vacation the week before. It’s also sometimes hard to consider time with loads of family actual vacation. You don’t really get to check out at all, so I needed […]


A German pickle for ripe cucumbers, ones that have sat on the vine a little too long. I accidentally used Japanese cucumbers to make these but I hope they will still be okay. The salting is always a cool process to me, pulling out all that water. I let these set overnight in the fridge. […]

Lovely Sunday

Seems like peaceful Sundays are rare but yesterday was just that. After painting the walls at the Public House a cool steel gray, I picked up some supplies at Three Rivers and headed home. I had no real plans but bread pudding, gazpacho, and pickling. After a glass of wine and some debate on what […]

Tomato Chutney

We are lucky that tomatoes are everywhere right now. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. There is a lot to do with tomatoes canning, juicing, sandwiching, salting. On Saturday at the Riverplains dinner we topped the burgers with this amazing, incredible, craving-inducing tomato chutney from Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger […]