Cooking for My Family

On Saturday I cooked for about 20 Sohns out in Oregon where the family gathers every August. The kitchen has very little counter top space but is well equipped. I went with an easy menu which would have taken 45 minutes or so at home, but it was still a production.

There was a last minute addition of beets but the last minute cook got pulled away from cooking when one of the young ones needed to find a doctor for a bee sting in the eye, not an easy task in rural Oregon on a Saturday eve. So there were phone calls going on, the beets boiled over, and then forgotten till later. I was making peanut sauce while having a dramatic inner-family concersation and there was a meeting happening on one of the porches.

After all the hustle and bustle that resides in the kitchen whether there are two people in a house or 20, the meal was served almost on time. We sat around the table well into the dark catching up, remembering dinners past, and talking about the future. With the 4th generation of our family steadily growing there is a lot future to think about. I’m hoping in time, one of those young ones will be a better cook than I and serve me a lovely dinner under the Oregon stars. In the meantime I need an even easier meal to pull together in the bustle of that Ranch House kitchen for next year!