Lovely Sunday

Seems like peaceful Sundays are rare but yesterday was just that. After painting the walls at the Public House a cool steel gray, I picked up some supplies at Three Rivers and headed home. I had no real plans but bread pudding, gazpacho, and pickling. After a glass of wine and some debate on what to cook for dinner, I defrosted a leg of lamb from my family’s ranch in Oregon.

The bread pudding was quick and good. I used some leftover biscuits from Tupelo Honey in Asheville. Tomato Head provided the recipe. Biscuits are not usually the best for bread pudding because they kind of fall a part but these were hearty enough to hold up.

I always have an internal debate over fast/high heat cooking and slow/low heat. Generally I do not have the patience for the low heat but yesterday it seemed to make sense. So I threw the leg of lam, coated in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs de provence,  on the grill at 200-300 degrees for two and a half hours. It was off direct heat most of the time and I cooked it to about 145 degrees. It was amazing. I don’t know if was the family lamb or the slow heat or the mixture of herbs but it was seriously the best lamb I’ve ever had.

I also made gazpacho. It was  such a good summer dinner, light fresh soup and then a meaty meat! The gazpacho was tomatoes, cucumbers, a jalepeno, browned leeks and onions, white wine vinegar and olive oil.

All in all it made for a great Sunday at home. Relaxing and rejuvenating!

Sorry these pictures are not awesome. I feel like my phone camera gets worse with each use….