Tuesday Field Trip: Tupelo Honey

This Tuesday Field Trip happened last Thursday evening. After coming back straight to Farm to Table preparation and execution my mind forgot that I was on vacation the week before. It’s also sometimes hard to consider time with loads of family actual vacation. You don’t really get to check out at all, so I needed a little tiny break. I turned off email, left the computer at home and we went to Asheville, NC for the night.

Thus far my favorite things about Tupelo Honey are 1) 99% of the time I call it Uncle Tupelo, still one of my favorite bands, and 2) I remember a tomato sandwich there at 2AM one drunken Saturday after a Southern Foodways Alliance event. I haven’t really been there since for a meal other than breakfast, which never stood out to me. Now I have a third, dinner!

After traipsing around and seeing most kitchens closed or closing we ended up here for dinner. It was spectacular. Very simple dishes, well, at least dishes based on the memories of simple down home dishes. I had fried chicken. But it was nut breaded fried chicken with white gravy served on sweet potato mashed potatoes and I had a side of brussell sprouts.  It was so fresh and delicious. Carlos had stroganoff made with pork, local mushrooms, goat cheese grits and some pesto. It was also amazing. Not quite as heavy as you might think.

From my experiences in Knoxville, we don’t have anything like this. Good, fresh, southern food. I love southern food. I want to eat it but I want it made with local, farm fresh ingredients. It’s one of the big holes in our eating scene here. Southern food is a special thing, just look at the number of restaurants featuring this kind of food in New York City!