Public House Thoughts

Since the end of the Riverplains dinner I’ve been focusing on Public House work. The boys are busy finishing up construction which means my side will kick in soon. It is amazing all the details that you think you’ve thought of that you just haven’t…Like for instance bulk toilet paper rolls and dispensers. Anyone? Not glamorous but definitely something that affects your experience.

I just want to think about how to execute a cool secret wine club and the best menu possible and planting the garden next year for garden fresh cocktails. Granted I have spent a lot of time thinking about all those things but then there’s about 15 things to get each one properly executed. The first priority will be the menu. It is finally finalized, but now I have to find the perfect 4 cheeses and meats for the charcuterie boards.

So, I have been calling distributors to set up cheese and meat accounts, (see right there, I navigated away from writing this because I remembered I was supposed to look up how much a meat slicer costs!), putting together barware budgets, and meeting with suppliers. It will all come together and hopefully you will be there and not even notice that there were many meetings, lists, and debates! You will just be happy, full of adult beverages and lovely bar food!

Here are some hopeful things that we’re trying to make happen:
Blackberry Farm Cheese
Beers you can’t get anywhere else
Eventually garden cocktails
Lots of house infustions
A wine club
Benton’s Prosciutto
Riverplains Spelt Crackers

Any other requests? What makes a bar great? What do you miss in Knoxville bars?

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  1. Any way the Wigshop can preview Public House before it opens? We’re very interested in a new bar down the sidewalk from our favorite Olde Towne Tavern…

  2. The bars I love and wish were in Knoxville have programming. Like acoustic music sessions and events and games and contests and clubs and readings and swaps and thumbwrestling and lessons. Fireplaces. Children. Teenagers. Old people. People not just hipsters. The bars I love get involved in other events and projects and festivals. They field teams for runs and host charity efforts. They reach out just like any other brand. They are not just a place. They have lamps. Pernod, millefiore, things you can help yourself to, a vinyl record player, a guest book.

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