Tuesday Field Trip: Dairy Cheer

This field trip, Dairy Cheer. It is an eastern Kentucky chain and by chain I mean there are 2 in Pikeville, one in Prestonsburg, and one in West Liberty. After home softball games one of my coaches took us to Dairy Cheer. I always remember getting a blueberry milkshake made from blueberry ice cream where the blueberries were fake. Kind of purple and small and gell like…totally gross to think about now but man I loved that.

In recent years when I lived in Whitesburg and was able to go to Dairy Cheer more regularly, I would get the swirl cone, Orange icey soft serve swirled with vanilla soft serve for a kind of creamsicle effect. Really good and something I’ve never really seen anywhere else.

Unfortunately, Dairy Cheer is closed on Sundays. So I hardly ever get to make a visit. Saturday though, I was home helping my mom with a reception and went to Dairy Cheer for a lunch of the Smashburger and fries:

Now I have to admit, the last time I ate an actual meal at Dairy Cheer I woke up with terrible stomach pains. This time I did not get sick but the food is not that great. The burger was really overcooked and I’m not entirely sure how much actual meat was in it. I also had trouble telling what made it a Smashburger, I can’t remember from my youth, and I couldn’t really discern any special sauce or anything. The fries were great and I saw some onion rings come out that looked amazing.

Unfortunately I was too full for the swirl action, which is really yummy and refreshing. I’m going to have to accept that the food here is more nostalgicly good rather than actually good. It’s a real bummer because I feel like most of the greasy spoons and diners back home have gone this way because people would rather eat at the chain restaurants. They think it is inherently better because it is not from home.