Tuesday Field Trip: Korea House

I’ve wanted to try one of the Korean restaurants for a while now but, in classic me fashion, was too nervous to pick one because what if I didn’t pick the best place? I finally broke down and picked the Korea House located in the shopping center across from Downtown West.

We showed up about 45 minutes before closing and while there was no one else in the place and there was some interesting late 80s early 90s music going, had a great meal. The woman working there was awesome.

We started with a pancake with pork. I couldn’t taste the pork and it seemed a little like they used powdered potatoes. It was the least good part of the meal but not bad. Also in traditional fashion a handful of pickles came out. Anyone who knows me this summer knows I’m a little obsessed with pickles. I was more than happy to see 5 different kinds of pickled things arrive at the table:

From left going clockwise, daikon, kimchee bean sprouts, potato, something I don’t know and zucchini. After we ate most of these she brought us out one other bean sprout one. I wonder if we just kept eating, how many different ones they have in the kitchen?

For our main dishes I got Bi Bim Bap in a hot stone bowl. Carlos got some kind of beef. It was just a big skillet of beef and white rice. Delicious. My Bi Bim Bap was incredible:

The bowl stayed hot throughout dinner while the rice sizzled on the bottom and became like paella, with the crisp rice pieces ate the bottom of the dish. As I started to figure out how to dive into my dinner the woman waiting on us came over and said ‘you’ve never eaten this before?’ this was a combination of statement and question. She then took the spoon and mixed it all together. She cut up the egg as she mixed it so everything was coated in the yoke. The rice was soft and the flavor sweet and salty. It was so good. I can imagine it being my winter comfort food!

I think I chose right! Although now I want to try the other place to have a point of comparison.

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