An Elegant Luxury

On Saturday, driving right through the heart of that insane lightening storm, my brother, boyfriend, and sister-in-law headed to Blackberry Farm to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. It was an elegant luxury. I was trying to figure out how to write about it because, well, the whole experience was incredible but to just relay the details of that kind of evening doesn’t really do it justice.

Then as we were sitting outside on Sunday enjoying the hint of fall in the air, Carlos and I started to talk about the meal. He asked what my favorite dessert was and it went from there. He mentioned how special the evening was and  he had never had that kind of dining experience before and he would like to take his mom there one day.

While these kinds of meals are expensive they are also accessible and I think everyone should get to have a meal like that once. I know that is pretentious and somewhat unrealistic, but ten courses prepared to the utmost perfection. Local ingredients highlighted and taken to culinary heights you thought impossible. Risotto? Yes, with mushrooms, Parmesan cream/foam, and aged balsamic drizzled on top. Sweet potatoes? Yes, pureed, with a piece of pork belly and kimcheed greens on top.

Beyond the food experience there is also the experience of being taken care of in a way that is seamless. All the expectations we tend to have for service are met at a place like Blackberry. Any one who eats out enough knows what kind of service you should, but rarely, get. We travel in circles of familiarity here in Knoxville and that extends to where we eat and drink. When you have the chance to step outside of that and really experience a situation where the people working have been trained to actually be of service it is wonderful. Asking for a bourbon to finish the meal with and getting to see the bottle, smell it before it’s poured and then have a small taste to make sure you like it, is not what we expect but we know that it is right.

Blackberry is an incredibly special enclave right here in east Tennessee. It is staffed locally, the head chef is from Knoxville, and they are pushing the realm of what is sourced locally and what is produced locally. Their connections to the community seem to be expanding as well and that is a good thing for everyone of us who lives here and loves food.

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  1. And don’t forget the pickled little mushrooms! If you want a copy of that menu that was made up just let me know.

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