Tuesday Field Trip: Avanti Savoia

Avanti Savoia is an incredible, unassuming warehouse in Halls. Halls you say? What amazing food discovery could be in Halls? Well, Avanti Savoia. It is an importing business of the finest degree: olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pastas, salts, pickles, and hard cheese. The products are almost exclusively of the Italian variety, but not all.

For an hour and  half I toured their products and learned about a female Italian olive oil maker who is certified organic, I tasted aged balsamic which blew my taste buds away, and purchased some white truffle sea salt to test for Public House popcorn. Owned locally with the most friendly chef I’ve ever met on staff, this was the most fun afternoon I’ve had in a while. In addition to all the amazing goods they have to offer there are cooking classes!

This field trip is why I started writing these posts. Discovering something amazing and new and inspiring hopefully in Knoxville, but not always. Avanti Savoia is in located at 7610 Maynardville Pike. It is open to the public and has a website. Go visit!