Test Farm to Table Menu

A couple weeks ago I went out to Riverplains for lunch. I arrived at the house and Jennifer’s niece and nephew were playing upstairs with each other. Cindy (Jennifer and Anna’s mom) was sitting talking to her sister in from out of town and Rachel, Jennifer and Anna’s other sister, was getting ready to make some hot pepper jelly.

I went downstairs to Anna’s kitchen and it smelled amazing. When they invited me out I thought we would just have a simple lunch, but they had gone all out. They cooked the test menu for the upcoming October farm to table dinner that they were proposing.

We served our plates of slow cooked brisket, roasted pepper squash soup, braised greens and corn muffins. They apologized for not having home made butter. I was just happy to have some butter! We took our plates up to the porch and a storm of wind but no rain moved in and cooled it off.

The food was amazing. Of course. I probably could have eaten 10 of the muffins. I could not believe how different the happy corn meal grown on Riverplains and ground at a local mill, made the muffins taste. We are at a point where a lot of the food we is more like eating versions or caricatures of whatever the food is really supposed to taste like. We have processed, commercialized, and modified our food sources so much we don’t even notice it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. These muffins, they tasted like corn. Like real corn, almost like corn off the cob but in cornmeal form.

The same goes for the beef. It tasted like meat from a river bottom in Tennessee somehow. When I was in Oregon in August I had local grassfed beef as well and I tasted a bit of it before adding any outside flavors beside salt and pepper, and it tasted like Oregon to me. This stuff matters and once you taste it in a different way your eyes light up and the flavors just bounce around they are so fresh, so local, and so of the place.

Buy a ticket to the Riverplains Full Moon Farm to Table here. Come enjoy the bounty and flavors!