Well I made it to Maine. It was a super easy trip, 4 hours total and 2 flights. I spent the afternoon with a good friend from Bonnaroo. I hadn’t eaten much so we made a quick sandwich with lovely local wheat bread, local cheese and tomatoes.

Then we headed to the beach and an island we walked around. On the island was an area where people build fairy houses out of sticks and shells and stones.

Then we went and had bloody marys and oysters. There were 4 oyster to choose from 3 from Maine and 1 from MA. We decided to get 3 of each. The flavors were amazing. One was super salty and meaty. Another smaller and more neutral. Another tasted like fake chicken and the last one was pure ocean.

The oysters and some clam chowder and walking and catching up with a friend made for a great first day!

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  1. So happy you are having such clear weather. I can just about feel the sea breeze looking at your photos. So happy you’re getting the chance to get away. Lots of love Mom

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