Decorating a Farm

I just got the proposal for the decorations for the upcoming Riverplains Full Moon Farm to Table dinner from Blooming Earth Flowers. It is going to be lovely.

Decorating isn’t quite the right word, at Bonnaroo we call our decorations visual design. When you’re working with a big open field it’s hard to bring it to scale. Whatever the word(s), I am so excited to see Blooming Earth’s plan come together. At the August dinner we were lucky enough to execute the design of one of my friends and super creative interior designer. This time around, Blooming Earth Flowers is bringing her special touch to the evening.

She’s using the bonfire as the center piece of the field. We will be seated at round tables and since Blooming Earth specializes in sustainable arrangements the majority of the products will be from the farm. There will be sweet gum balls, shiitake logs, moss, and bamboo!

It’s not too late for tickets. Hope to see you on the farm!