Riverplains Tickets

Hey everyone! If you are trying to buy Riverplains tickets at Brown Paper and run into problems please email me directly laura at mockingbird-events dot com. We still have tickets and would love to see you out there. I just came from the farm and it is looking pretty beautiful.


I’m hoping this juice of pineapple, ginger, cucumber, kale, apple, and celery will power me through this Monday. There is a lot to do for Riverplains Farm to Table. We can’t wait for Friday!!

Home Brew at Farm to Table

From Legit Brewing! Be sure to check out their site. There is also a session from Ian Thomas recorded while brewing. Ian will be playing at the dinner! We will serve the following home brew beer at the Riverplains Farm to Table dinner: Monkey Possum IPA– An American style IPA brewed with four types of […]

Riverplains Full Moon Farm to Table!

There is still time to get your tickets for the upcoming Farm to Table on Friday October 22, 2010. Buy your tickets here. This farm to table dinner will feature an early fall harvest dinner under the stars and the full moon with a bonfire and live music from Ian Thomas. Once again all the […]

Decorating a Farm

I just got the proposal for the decorations for the upcoming Riverplains Full Moon Farm to Table dinner from Blooming Earth Flowers. It is going to be lovely. Decorating isn’t quite the right word, at Bonnaroo we call our decorations visual design. When you’re working with a big open field it’s hard to bring it […]

Hola Festival

Saturday proved that Knoxville is has more diversity than it may seem at first glance with Hola Festival. The 100 block of Gay St. was packed for most of the day with Latin American food and people. It was awesome and felt like a zocalo on a Sunday in Mexico. I walked around and heard […]