I’m cleaning my system with a 3-day juice cleanse from Blueprint Cleanse. We’ll see how it goes. Their tag line fits me perfectly, ‘we think, you drink.’ Blogging will be light so as to not induce hunger pains!


Dinner last night was at Vignola. Italian with an emphasis on local ingredients. I ordered chicken livers appetizer; a clam, mussells, and lobster stew; and splurged with gingerbread bread pudding with poached pears and caramel sauce. The chicken livers were the best preperation I’ve ever had. It looked like fried breakfast sausage and was served […]


Today’s lunch was haddock and fries in Boothbay. I was going to go to a place called Bets but she was closed, or so she shouted to me as I walked up to her stand. Not sure if I believed her but on I went and found a place with a better view.


Well I made it to Maine. It was a super easy trip, 4 hours total and 2 flights. I spent the afternoon with a good friend from Bonnaroo. I hadn’t eaten much so we made a quick sandwich with lovely local wheat bread, local cheese and tomatoes. Then we headed to the beach and an […]


Sadly, I’ve been making some trips to Sam’s Club for the Public House. The trips are for things like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies so it’s okay. Each time I’ve noticed a sign that says “Tamales inside the mall at Tamale Express.” I’ve lived in Knoxville 4 years now and have yet to […]