The food world is obsessed with the holidays. I saw a tweet the other day from an American in Asia who said she always tunes out this time a year to the American food media because of their obsession with the holidays. It sounded more than a little pretentious to me. This is such a fun time of year to be cooking.

After reading all the tweets and articles and seeing the beautiful cookie pictures, I got really sad that I wasn’t going to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It’s one of my favorite meals of the year to cook. I let myself use butter for everything and go totally overboard on side dishes and sauces. I generally have a blast. So, last night while sitting around with friends we planned not one but TWO holiday meals, a family of friends Christmas dinner and a family Solstice dinner. I am no longer sad!

I am also looking forward to my Thanksgiving dinner which is going to be a full on traditional Brazilian Feijoada which I haven’t had since being in Brazil. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be thankful and happy!

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  1. Your friend may tune out the American media but still probably fixes a Thanksgiving dinner anyway. I lived in Japan for 4 years and only missed having a big Thanksgiving dinner one year. Obsessed or not it is the biggest food day of the year. It’s a holiday built around food.

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