On Saturday we all trekked out to the Restaurant Linderhof. It was the usual German sausage awesome-ness that I’ve come to expect from the place. Our table was full of meat and starch pretty much the whole evening except for the salad platter I got instead of soup.

Despite the amazing flavors from each different sausage my favorite treat is always the Spätzle, a German pasta when at it’s most basic is made from egg, flour and water. I grew up eating this at my German grandparents’. They always made it from scratch and it was great.

According to the German Food Guide, “The classic way to form Spätzle is to spread the dough over a wet wooden cutting-board. Cut thin strips of dough with a knife, then scrape the strips into boiling salt water.” You can also use a garlic looking press tool, a cheese grater, or a sieve looking tool with bigger holes. The dough cooks in boiling water and unlike Italian pasta is not a uniform shape. Spätzle is small and round and misshapen and delicious.

Once cooked the texture is a cross between Gnocchi and Egg Noodles. I had Spätzle at DB Bistro in New York last weekend, one of Daniel Boulud’s places, and they weren’t nearly as good as the Spätzle I had at Linderhof. The best part about Restaurant Linderhof is they serve it with this AMAZING brown gravy. I generally hate gravy, but this is a semi-translucent beef sauce/gravy. It is salty and meaty and light.

Yes Linderhof is in Farragut and a strip mall but it is totally worth the field trip. Pile in a car and go out there, the array of sausages and potatoes and Spätzle all make for a great way to welcome the winter.